11 Best Workers Compensation Attorneys in Minneapolis, MN

If you’re in search of an experienced and qualified workers’ compensation attorney in Minneapolis, MN, then your search is over. Here, we’ve compiled a list of the 11 best workers’ compensation attorneys in the Minneapolis area. From decades of experience to specialization in various aspects of the law, these attorneys are sure to provide the best legal services available. So, if you’re looking for an attorney to help you with your workers’ compensation case, look no further than this list of the top 11 workers’ compensation attorneys in Minneapolis.

Operana Law Office

Operana Law Office represents residents of Minneapolis with workers’ compensation claims. It helps people who have suffered work-related injuries obtain the compensation they deserve, such as income loss, permanent disability, and medical care benefits. It also fights for the rights of individuals who have experienced workplace discrimination, unpaid wages, harassment, and wrongful termination. Brandon Operana, the firm’s founder, is a disability attorney who has been advocating for the rights of injured people for more than a decade.

Rating: 4.9

Website : https://www.operanalaw.com/

Phone: +1 855-999-1969

Full Address: 301 S 4th Ave #272, Minneapolis, MN 55415

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Chestnut Cambronne Attorneys at Law

Chestnut Cambronne, Attorneys at Law, is a general practice firm helping individuals and business owners in Minneapolis. One of its associates, Veronica Walther, focuses her practice on workers’ compensation and immigration law. She represents employees and employers and works with employers to review workers’ compensation needs and mitigate potential liability. Walther has resolved claims without extensive litigation but is ready to take cases to trial if necessary. She also caters to the legal needs of Spanish-speaking individuals.

Rating: 4.1

Website : https://www.chestnutcambronne.com/

Phone: +1 612-339-7300

Full Address: 100 S Washington Ave UNIT 1700, Minneapolis, MN 55401

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Midwest Disability Work Comp, P.A.

Midwest Disability Work Comp PA is a workers’ compensation law firm in Coon Rapids, Minnesota, that has been serving injured workers throughout the state for more than 5 years. The legal team works to simplify the process of filing a workers’ compensation claim, helping clients obtain medical care for work-related illnesses and injuries as well as financial compensation equal to a percentage of lost wages. For clients whose injuries result in permanent impairment, the firm also seeks Social Security disability benefits.

Rating: 4.2

Website : http://midwestdisabilityworkcomp.com

Phone: +1 763-404-6220

Full Address: 404 Northdale Blvd NW, Coon Rapids, MN 55448

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David H. Bailly Ltd.

David H. Bailly Ltd. is a law office that caters to the people of Minneapolis and the neighboring regions. It represents clients who have sustained injuries or chronic conditions due to on-the-job accidents. The firm’s attorney, David H. Bailly, advocates for clients’ needs, such as medical attention and financial benefits following the unfortunate event. He also helps determine the coverage of the workers’ compensation. Bailly has handled more than 3,5 workplace injury claims in his over three decades of practice.

Rating: 4.9

Website : https://www.dbaillylaw.com/

Phone: +1 952-544-6116

Full Address: 9531 W 78th St Suite 305, Eden Prairie, MN 55344

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Kemmitt Sanford & Kramer

Kemmit, Sanford and Kramer is a group of lawyers representing Minneapolis clients in workers’ compensation cases. It assists with long-term disability insurance that provides income to a person who is unable to work due to injury or illness. It advocates for victims of work-related accidents in claiming settlement for lost wages or payment for medical expenses. Its attorneys, Mike Kemmitt, Evan Sanford, and Patrick Kramer, have secured millions of dollars in disputed or denied benefits owed to their clients.

Rating: 5.0

Website : https://ksk.law/

Phone: +1 612-230-4585

Full Address: 331 2nd Ave S #411, Minneapolis, MN 55401

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Katz & Manka, Ltd.

Katz & Manka, Ltd., handles workers’ compensation matters for clients in the Minneapolis area. Its legal team assists claimants in pursuing compensation they deserve from the system. It helps in handling paperwork to meet deadlines and accompanying administrative hearings. The firm works on other personal injury cases, such as construction site accidents, product liability, slips and falls, and dog bites. One of its attorneys, Gary L. Manka, is a co-author of Minnesota Causes of Action, First Edition.

Rating: 5.0

Website : http://katzmanka.com/

Phone: +1 612-333-1671

Full Address: 120 South 6th St UNIT 1240, Minneapolis, MN 55402

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Morin Law Office

Morin Law Office serves members of the Minneapolis labor force who have causes of action under workers’ compensation law. The office seeks restitution for harm suffered in the course of employment, including psychological distress, repetitive stress injuries, workplace diseases, and untimely death. The firm handles the concerns of persons afflicted with lymphoma, silicosis, and asbestosis due to exposure to harmful chemicals. It is led by Mary M. Morin, who has been representing laborers since 199.

Rating: 5.0

Website : https://morinlawoffice.com/

Phone: +1 612-677-8329

Full Address: 400 S 4th St #1025, Minneapolis, MN 55415

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Atkinson Gerber Law Office

The Atkinson Gerber Law Office has taken care of high-value workers’ compensation cases for individuals in Minneapolis. Tom Atkinson, one of the senior lawyers of the firm, used to represent insurance companies in workers’ comp cases. He uses this experience as an opportunity to build strategies that support the claims of injured employees. He and the other attorneys from this firm aim to alleviate the stress and frustration that injured workers feel by handling all legal matters of their claims.

Rating: 4.8

Website : https://www.mndisability.com/

Phone: +1 651-333-3636

Full Address: 6 Pine Tree Dr Suite 225, Arden Hills, MN 55112

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Nicolet Law Office, S.C.

Nicolet Law Office SC provides legal services for individuals in workers’ compensation cases in the Minneapolis area. The firm has extensive experience with the protecting the rights of workers injured on the job and it ensures they receive adequate compensation for their injuries and lost wages. Work-related injuries clients can obtain compensation for include fractures, carpel tunnel syndrome, hearing and vision loss, and paralysis. Nicolet Law Office has been serving clients for over 1 years.

Rating: 5.0

Website : https://nicoletlaw.com/

Phone: +1 612-888-8258

Full Address: 23 4th St SE Suite #217, Minneapolis, MN 55414

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Menk and Menk Law Offices

Menk and Menk Law Offices is a personal injury law firm located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, that was founded in 28. The firm provides legal services for individuals pursuing workers’ compensation claims, assisting them with cases of wage loss payments, medical bills, job skill training and placements, and death and dependency benefits. The legal team includes Spanish speaking lawyers. Attorney Ross K Menk is a member of the Minnesota State Bar Association and the Hennepin County Bar Association.

Rating: 4.9

Website : http://mnworkinjury.com

Phone: +1 612-300-4000

Full Address: Menk & Menk Law Office, 9148 E River Rd NW, Coon Rapids, MN 55433

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Law Office Of Joshua Borken

Law Office Of Joshua Borken is a firm representing individuals and families throughout the Minneapolis area. The firm assists injured workers with filing for workers’ compensation and it can help clients whose claims have been denied. In addition to obtaining compensation for injured victims, Law Office Of Joshua Borken also assists clients with taking advantage of programs to return them to the workforce. Attorney Joshua Borken has been practicing law for over 1 years.

Rating: 5.0

Website : https://www.minnesotacomp.com/

Phone: +1 651-321-0778

Full Address: 400 Robert St N #1800, St Paul, MN 55101

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