20 Best Roofers in Mesa, AZ

Are you looking for an experienced roofer in Mesa, AZ? Are you in need of a reliable roofer to install or repair your roof? Then you have come to the right place. Here, we have compiled a list of the 20 best roofers in Mesa, AZ, each with years of experience in the industry. So, if you’re looking for a quality roofer in the Mesa, AZ area, look no further. Read on to find out who made our list!

Paramount Roofing

Paramount Roofing is a roofer in Mesa that’s been in business since 1987. This company provides both residential and commercial roofing services, including full installation services as well as subsequent maintenance attention to keep roofs stable. It has hands-on experience with many roofing materials including tile and shingle, as well as both low-slope and flat roofs. It also services wall decks. Additionally, Paramount Roofing does attic ventilation analysis to help clients ensure they are not wasting energy due to faulty structural elements.

Rating: 4.5

Website : http://paramountkangaroof.com

Phone: +1 480-292-7929

Full Address: 4020 E Oasis St # 3, Mesa, AZ 85215

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Rova Roofing

Rova Roofing is a Mesa-based company serving homeowners and businesses throughout the local area. It offers roof installation services, where its construction staff helps clients choose the roofing materials that suit their properties. The selection includes foam, shingle, metal, and tile roofing. The company also performs roof replacement services, with its staff assisting property owners in taking out weaker materials like plywood and replacing them with their choice of roofing materials. Roof maintenance and repair services are also available.

Rating: 4.9

Website : https://www.rovaroofing.com/

Phone: +1 480-532-8791

Full Address: 2420 S Power Rd Ste. 104, Mesa, AZ 85209

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Tim Kline Roofing, LLC

Tim Kline Roofing, LLC, is dedicated to maintaining the roofs of clients in Mesa. Before starting any service, its roofers perform a thorough inspection of the roof’s condition. The roof analysis steps include noting water exits and underneath the roofline, checking for overhang plywood or decking issues, evaluating current attic ventilation, and taking pictures of various angles of the roof. Then, they show the images to the clients and explain the issues and appropriate services to be performed. The company has been serving for over 2 years.

Rating: 4.8

Website : https://timklineroofing.com/

Phone: +1 480-357-2463

Full Address: 11305 E Roscoe Ave, Mesa, AZ 85212

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Iron Fortress Metal Roofing LLC

Iron Fortress Metal Roofing LLC is a roofing contractor in Mesa that does business with clients all around the metro area. This company mostly serves residential clients and specializes in metal roofing materials. The metal roofing materials it offers include stone-coated steel, standing seam, thorough fastener, and painted steel as well as aluminum shake and shingle. Many of Iron Fortress Metal Roofing LLC’s metal roofing systems are energy efficient and provide a higher level of protection against weather and debris than average materials.

Rating: 4.6

Website : http://ironfortressroofing.com

Phone: +1 480-274-3649

Full Address: 8026 E Des Moines St, Mesa, AZ 85207

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5 Guys Roofing

5 Guys Roofing offers roofing solutions in the Mesa community. Its team examines roofs to see cracks, torn areas, warping, or missing shingles and conducts repairs to avoid further damages. The roofers work on different types of roofs, including shingle, tile, flat, TPO, and PVC built-up. If the roofs are beyond repair, they recommend replacement and waterproofing, depending on clients’ budgets. Other options include annual tune-ups and Tesla solar roofing. The family-owned company has completed over 15, installation and maintenance jobs.

Rating: 4.2

Website : https://fiveguysroofing.com/

Phone: +1 480-892-5311

Full Address: 1275 W Houston Ave, Gilbert, AZ 85233

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Blue Sky Roofing LLC is a roofer in Mesa that provides repair and replacement services for residential and commercial roofs. Its repair services are available 24/7 for emergencies and trained technicians will arrive to stabilize roofing damage and prevent threats to the greater areas of the building. It can also do full roof replacement when units simply can’t be salvaged. Regular maintenance services are available to keep roofs in good condition, however. Clients who want completely new roofs can hire this company to conduct new builds.

Rating: nan

Website : http://blueskyroofingaz.com

Phone: +1 818-894-7030

Full Address: 9203 Swinton Ave, North Hills, CA 91343

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Copper West Roofing Co.

Copper West Roofing Co. is a residential and commercial contractor serving Mesa and the surrounding areas. Its team of technicians installs tile roofs of various colors, styles, and shapes. They also repair and maintain the said roofing system. Additionally, the crew members install roofs made of dimensional, architectural, and three-tab shingles. They also replace tile underlayments, which provide further protection against moisture, heat, and extreme weather. Copper West Roofing’s other services include roof leak detection and repair.

Rating: 4.7

Website : https://copperwestroofing.com/

Phone: +1 480-650-3756

Full Address: nan

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Prime Roofing

Prime Roofing is a family-owned and family-operated company that caters to clients in Mesa and nearby areas. It installs, maintains, and repairs a wide range of roof types, including asphalt shingle, foam, metal, modified bitumen, and tile. Its technicians also provide coatings, reroofing, and roof evaluations. They assist with additions and new construction projects. Stacy Benson, the owner, brings more than 37 years of experience in the roofing industry. He and his wife, Liz, have been serving the community for over 22 years.

Rating: 3.7

Website : http://www.primeroofingaz.com/

Phone: +1 480-756-9527

Full Address: 3050 S Country Club Dr, Mesa, AZ 85210

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Integrity Roofing

Located in Gilbert, Integrity Roofing is a family-owned and family-operated company that caters to commercial and residential property owners in the Mesa metro and the surrounding areas. It offers installation, inspection, maintenance, and replacement services on various roofing systems. These include architectural and dimensional shingles, clay and concrete tiles, flat, foam, and metal. Its team has experience providing repair solutions for leakage and moisture problems. Integrity Roofing has been in the business since 1993.

Rating: 4.6

Website : https://integrityroofingaz.com/

Phone: +1 602-548-3770

Full Address: 2225 W Pecos Rd STE 2, Chandler, AZ 85224

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CHBowman Enterprises

CHBowman Enterprises is a well-established roofing contractor specializing in maintenance, repairs, and replacement. It also offers an inspection service, providing concerned homeowners and businesses with a thorough assessment of their roof’s condition and advice on improvements and preparing for Winter. The company’s roofers work on every size and shape of roof, using a wide range of common materials. CHBowman Enterprises also specializes in fitting solar panels. Its bilingual staff communicates in English and Spanish.

Rating: 5.0

Website : http://chbowmanenterprises.com

Phone: +1 480-686-6380

Full Address: nan

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Camelback Roofing

Camelback Roofing is a family-owned and family-operated business that has been serving Mesa and its surrounding communities for more than five years. It performs roof inspections to determine the necessary repair or replacement procedures needed for a commercial or residential structure. Its team of professionals works on different types of roofing materials such as composition, flat, tile, and metal. The company addresses roof damages from wind, weather, and old age, which include filling low spots for grading.

Rating: 4.8

Website : https://www.camelbackroofing.com/

Phone: +1 480-721-8472

Full Address: 8114 E Clarendon Ave, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

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Gold Crown Roofing

Gold Crown Roofing caters to residential and commercial establishments within Mesa, along with those in Arizona and its neighboring areas. It handles the installation of tile, shingle, and flat roofs, with multiple options that can fit a customer’s budget. It also conducts maintenance to identify and address issues such as broken tiles, roof leaks, and weathering. In addition to their years of service, the company’s workers educate themselves continually to stay up to date on product knowledge and solutions.

Rating: 5.0

Website : https://goldcrownaz.com/

Phone: +1 480-825-6755

Full Address: nan

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R4 Roofing

R4 Roofing is a company that caters to commercial and residential property owners in Mesa and the surrounding areas. It offers installation services on a wide range of roofing types, such as asphalt shingle, flat, metal, PVC single-ply, and tile. Foam and TPO are also included. In addition, the business provides repair services and handles problems like corrosion, cracked and sliding tiles, debris build-up, loose or missing shingles, and reduced ventilation. R4 Roofing brings 25 years of industry experience.

Rating: 5.0

Website : https://r4roofingaz.com/

Phone: +1 602-727-0116

Full Address: 123 N Centennial Way #138, Mesa, AZ 85201

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Axis Roofing

Axis Roofing serves property owners in and around Mesa. The company provides residential and commercial roofing solutions. It installs a variety of roofing systems. These include tile, asphalt shingle, metal, modified bitumen, EPDM, and TPO roofs. Its crew, having over 4 years of combined experience, offers coating services to mitigate damage. They also take care of and inspect damaged roofing systems. Axis Roofing is an Owens Corning preferred contractor and The Roofing Institute certified installer.

Rating: 4.8

Website : https://axisroofing.com/

Phone: +1 480-725-6441

Full Address: 6928 E Main St Ste 101, Mesa, AZ 85207

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Right Way Roofing, Inc.

Right Way Roofing Inc. is a roofing company serving the Mesa metro area. Providing both residential and commercial services, this business is equipped to fulfil the needs of any client type, especially since it has over 4 years of experience. It installs and repairs tile, shingle, foam, flat, and built-up roofing materials and allows clients to exercise a degree of preference with these options. It also performs extensive inspection services that provide a comprehensive views of roofing faults.

Rating: 4.8

Website : http://azroof.com

Phone: +1 602-299-8851

Full Address: 8255 E Willetta St, Mesa, AZ 85207

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Sierra Vista Roofing, LLC

Sierra Vista Roofing, LLC is a locally owned and operated business that serves both residential and commercial property owners from Mesa and the surrounding areas. Its team of professionals installs, repairs, and replaces a wide range of roofing materials, including tile, asphalt shingle, and flat roofing. The company’s other services include tile removal, broken tile repair, flat roof repair, and power washing. Sierra Vista Roofing, LLC has been in operation for more than two years.

Rating: 5.0

Website : https://sierravistaroofingllc.godaddysites.com/

Phone: +1 480-669-8937

Full Address: nan

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Reimagine Roofing

Reimagine Roofing caters to the residents of Mesa. The company performs roof leak detection, inspection, and repair for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Its technicians inspect the interior and exterior areas of roofs to look for potential leaks and damage. They also install and replace various roofing types, including shingle, flat, foam, and tile. As a member of the Eco-Envoy, founder Kody Landals and his team value sustainability in all of their services.

Rating: 4.9

Website : http://reimagineyourroof.com/

Phone: +1 480-900-7663

Full Address: 1100 E Washington St Suite #200, Phoenix, AZ 85034

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1 Cool Roof

1 Cool Roof provides roofing services to residential and commercial clients across the Mesa area. The business works with asphalt, tile, and silicone materials to build roofs that are energy-efficient and limit water damage. 1 Cool Roof also installs Low-E Therma-Sheet underlayment and R6-R9 insulation under the current roofing to provide the same benefits. Commercial customers can have silicon flat roofs installed that are resistant to damage and ponding water.

Rating: 5.0

Website : http://1coolroofllc.com

Phone: +1 602-670-4098

Full Address: 10520 E Contessa St, Mesa, AZ 85207

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Done Right Roofing LLC

Done Right Roofing is a full-service company with more than 6 years of roofing industry experience in Mesa and the surrounding areas. It’s licensed, bonded, and insured to work on residential and commercial properties. The company can repair everything from small leaks to storm damage, and it can replace older roofs and build roofs on new properties. Additionally, it’s technicians can restore the appearance of otherwise healthy roofs with high-pressure cleaning.

Rating: 4.6

Website : http://azdonerightroofing.com

Phone: +1 602-716-1599

Full Address: nan

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German Roofing

German Roofing is a roofing company providing Arizona with quality Residential & Commercial Roofing Service Since 21. It specializes in tile, shingle, metal, and flat roofing installations, which it usually performs on residential properties. This company handles every part of the installation process so that clients don’t have too, and it ensures the safety of the surrounding structures while doing so.

Rating: 4.8

Website : http://germanroofingaz.com

Phone: +1 480-370-0300

Full Address: 1027 E Broadway Rd, Mesa, AZ 85204

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